Body with mAbs

for human-derived therapeutics against viral and bacterial infections, and cancer

Harnessing the Human Immune System

We leverage proprietary technology to derive therapeutic antibodies directly from the human immune system, nature's most powerful weapon against disease.

Due to their human origin, our therapeutics are safer and more effective than alternatives.

Our Technology

Using our proprietary CellSpot Platform we discover the most effective antibodies in healthy donor blood for therapeutic use in non-immune patients

Scanning Electron Microscropy photograph at 4000X magnification shows Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm, one of Trellis’ targets and a leading cause of antibiotic resistance. Our antibody, TRL1068, disrupts this biofilm.

Our Therapeutic Candidates

We have discovered five human monoclonal antibody (mAbs) therapies against bacterial, viral and cancer indications.

In vivo and in vitro experimental data show our antibodies possess superior binding affinity, broad-spectrum capabilities, and efficacy compared to alternative therapies


We are business leaders and scientists passionate about developing human antibody therapies to various diseases.

Our team offers diverse academic and operational expertise, covering all stages of drug development:

1) Discovery

2) Preclinical Development

3) Clinical Trials

4) Commercialization